10 Highly Recommended Bands of November 2019

Blackthorn is a five-peace all-female Russian symphonic extreme metal band formed in 2004 in Moscow. As of 2017, they released three studio albums: Gossamer Witchcraft (2009), Codex Archaos (2011) and Witch Cult Ternion (2015)
Cathubodua is an Epic Symphonic Metal band from Belgium formed in 2013.
Crow’s Flight
Crow’s Flight is a Heavy/Power Metal band from Finland formed in 2008.
Induction is a Heavy metal band founded by Martin Beck in the Czech Republic. They can be described as Progressive Power metal with symphonic influences, creating an epic atmosphere. One of the memebers is the son of the Kai Hansen, the lenged guitar/vocals of Helloween and Gamma Ray.
Marisa And The Moths
Marisa And The Moths is Rock rock band with a modern with grunge influences . Female fronted with soaring vocals and powerful melodies. They have not yet released a debut album, but their singles are very good quality. Great Rock from UK.
Noveria is Prog Power Metal band from Italy formed in 2013.
Spidergawd is a Hard Rock/Blues from Norway formed in 2013.
Thornhill is a Alternative Metalcore band from Australia.
Tigersclaw is a Symphonic Power Metal band of internacional members formed in 2016.
Wilderun is a Symphonic Progressive/Folk Metal from USA formed in 2008.

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