10 Highly Recommended Bands! (August 2019)

Astralium is an Symphonic metal band from Italy, formed in 2014.
Gloryful is a Heavy metal band from Germany formed in 2010. To date they have 4 studio albums on the market.
He Is Legend
He Is Legend is  an American Hard Rock band from California formed in 2003.
Holy Tide
Holy Tide is a International Heavy metal supergroup formed by the bassplayer Joe Caputo, singer Fabio Caldeira, guitarist Gustavo Scaranelo and drummer Michael Brush.
Lilith is is a Colombian rock band from the city of Medellín. LILITH has been characterized as a all female band, that makes it a unique band in the Colombian rock industry.
Saint Asonia
Saint Asonia is a Canadian-American rock supergroup consisting of ex-Three Days Grace singer Adam Gontier, ex-Staind guitarist Mike Mushok, ex-Finger Eleven drummer Rich Beddoe, and ex-Dark New Day bassist Corey Lowery.
ShadowStrike  is an American Power metal band formed in 2010. Their debut album is a masterpiece,
Sinheresy is Symphonic/Melodic Heavy Metal band formed in 2009 from Italy. So far they have 3 studio albums released
Vintersea is an American Progressive/Melodic Death Metal formed in 2016, they have released one studio album.
Control The Storm
Control The Stormis a Power metal band from UK formed in 2010. To date they have released two studio albums.

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