10 Highly Recommended Bands! (October 2019)

Arcana Elysium
Arcana Elysium is a female-fronted symphonic metal band from Petrópolis,Brazil.
Disillusion is a German progressive metal band from Leipzig formed in 1994. Although the band have been formed for quite some time, to date they only have 3 albums released. The last one is incredible.
Elessär is an Argentine band of Symphonic Metal founded in 2007 by musicians from the city of Neuquén, in the Argentine Patagonia.  Their sound is greatly influenced by European bands.
King Witch
King Witch is a Heavy/Doom Metal band from Edinburgh, Scotland formed in 2015.
Memoriam is a Death Metal band from Birmingham, England formed in 2016.
Ontborg is Melodic death Metal band from Italy formed in 2017.
Red Handed Denial
Red Handed Denial  is a Metal / Progressive Metalcore band from Canada formed in 2008.
RedHook is an Australian Altenative Metal band from Sydney, formed in 2017. As of 2019 they have released four singles, "Minute on Fire", "Turn Up the Stereotype", "Paralysed", and "Only Bones". The band describe themselves as "screaming rap rock electro pop mutants", owing to their unusual combination of genres such as metalcore, electronica, and rap
Swarmageddon is Melodic death Metal band from France formed in 2015.
The Lust
The Lust is a Gothic Metal  band from Russia formed in 2004.

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