10 Highly Recommended Bands! (September 2019)

Bewitcher is an Black/Speed metal band from USA, formed in 2013.
Bloodred Hourglass
Bloodred Hourglass is a Melodic Death metal band from Finland formed in 2005. Their last records is amazing, one of the best of 2019 in my opionion.
Desert is Power Metal band from Israel formed in 2002.
Everfrost is a Symphonic Power Metal band from Finland formed in 2015.
Lacrimas Profundere
Lacrimas Profundere is a Gothic Metal band os Germany formed in 1993.
Shadow Of Intent
Shadow Of Intent is Melodic deathcore band form USA formed in 2013.
Suicidal Angels
Suicidal Angels:  is Thrash Metal band from Greece formed in 2001.
Taken is Power Metal band from Spain formed in 2013. So far they have 2 studio albums released
The Offering
The Offering is an American Heavy/Power Metal formed in 2015, they have released one studio album that is amazing.
Ty Morn
Ty Morn is a Epic Heavy Metal  band from UK formed in 2018.

Below is a playlist on spotify of the 5 most listened songs of the 10 recommended bands!

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