Hellowen & Gamma Ray in Bogotá, Colombia

Having the opportunity to see two of the most important and influential bands of Power Metalof all time, was a real privilege for me and all the Colombian fans. For me this was the third time I see Helloween in a concert and for the second time one ofGamma Ray. But seeing those two on stage and sharing … Read moreHellowen & Gamma Ray in Bogotá, Colombia

La-Ventura – “White Crow”

La-Ventura is a Dutch female fronted melodic Metal/ Rock. White Crow is their second release and is an album that will please your ears in a great experience. The album has incredible drum beats, interesting riffs and melodic female vocal by Carla van Huizen, which shows in every note her amazing singing ability and style. When you are speaking … Read moreLa-Ventura – “White Crow”

Top 25 of When MTV Actually Played Music Videos (1998 – 2003)

This Top 25 is inspired by the music videos with which I started listening to music, especially Rock!!! 25 Queens of the Stone Age – No One Knows 24               Coldplay – The Scientist 23                System Of a Down -Toxicity 22        … Read moreTop 25 of When MTV Actually Played Music Videos (1998 – 2003)