Top 20 The Best Metalcore Band Ever

Metalcore is is a fusion genre combining elements of extreme metal and hardcore punk. Among other styles blending metal and hardcore, such as crust punk and grindcore, metalcore is noted for its use of breakdowns, which are slow, intense passages conducive to moshing. For this poll, I chose my favorite 20 favorite Metalcore bands ever! … Read moreTop 20 The Best Metalcore Band Ever

10 Highly Recommended Bands! (October 2019)

Arcana Elysium Arcana Elysium is a female-fronted symphonic metal band from Petrópolis,Brazil. Disillusion Disillusion is a German progressive metal band from Leipzig formed in 1994. Although the band have been formed for quite some time, to date they only have 3 albums released. The last one is incredible. Elessär Elessär is an Argentine band of … Read more10 Highly Recommended Bands! (October 2019)