Jaime J Bertrand – “Extreme Fauna”

At the end of 2019, Jaime J Bertrand, released his first Ep entitled “Extreme Fauna”. Jaime is a musician, guitarist, composer and music producer from Colombia. The EP consists of 3 instrumental songs in which Jaime recorded all the instruments. “Extreme Fauna” is a record mainly of Metal, but it has tropical sounds and Eastern … Read moreJaime J Bertrand – “Extreme Fauna”

10 Highly Recommended Bands of January 2020

Ancient Knights Ancient Knights is an Italian Melodic and Neoclassical Power Metal Band officially formed in 2018 by Andrea “King Aramald” Atzori and Marcello Atzori.  The band is a new Metal Opera project with guest like Fabio Lione and  Elisa C. Martin. Angelwarrior Ace Angelwarrior Ace are a Thrash/Power Metal from Germany formed in 2012. … Read more10 Highly Recommended Bands of January 2020

Brothers of Metal – “Emblas Saga”

“Emblas Saga” is the band’s second album after their hit debut album “Prophecy of Ragnarök”. The band is from Sweden and plays Power Metal with themes about things related to Norse Mythology and Metal. Nothing more and nothing less than eight musicians is the line- up the band, the 3 singers: Ylva Eriksson, Joakim Lindbäck … Read moreBrothers of Metal – “Emblas Saga”

Top 25 Best Guttural Female Voices in Metal

For this poll, I chose my 25 favorite Guttural Female Voices in Metal. Women every year are more important in Metal, there are already a large number of bands that have a woman as a member. After 4128 votes of metalheads around the world, the Top 25 ended like this: #Votes 25 Eva Spence (Rolo … Read moreTop 25 Best Guttural Female Voices in Metal