25 Great Metal Songs 2020

2020 has been a great year for Metal, despite of the of the covid-19.

The list consits of the 25 Metal songs I listen to the most in 2020.  It does not mean that they are the best, but for me they are incredible! Please follow the playlist on Spotify.

“What the Dead Men Say”  - Trivium

"Abyss" - Unleash the Archers

"Accelerator" - Pain Of Salvation
"Amoral" - Napalm Death
"Deconstructing Self-Destruction"  - Killer Be Killed
"I Am Alive" - Primal Fear
"Phantom Days" - Dark Tranquillity
"Powersnake"- Brothers of Metal
"Rum, Women, Victory" - Ensiferum
“By The Blues” - Conception
“Corazon” - Novena
“Desperado” - Soilwork
“Fall From Grace” - Paradise Lost
“Holy Roller” - Spiritbox
“Noise” - Nightwish
“Scars That I'm Hiding"  - From Ashes to New
“Sentinels” -  Green Carnation
“Signs of Deliverance” - LoveBites
“Sodom and Gomorrah”  - Sodom
“Stare Into Death and Be Still” - Ulcerate
“Swallowing the Rabbit Whole” - Code Orange
“Trust My Own Heart”  - Burden Of Life
”Archangel” - Amaranthe
”Ohms” - Deftones
”Wings Of Agony” - Lutharo


Follow the playlist in spotify!

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