Amaranthe -“The Nexus”

Amaranthe is a Swedish/Danish band that plays  Melodic Death / Power Metal with influences of Pop. "The Nexus" is an album which highlights the new wave of Metal. The band consists of Jake E (Dreamland, Dream Evil) and Olof Mörck (Dragonland, Nightrage) and the most beautiful female singer there is in Metal today, Elize Ryd.

"The Nexus" has many elements that makes it an incredible album. With catchy choruses and the combination of three voices, the beautiful voice of Elize, the growls of  Andreas Solveströmand the clean vocals of Jake E. On the side of the guitar and the drums thet have a very clear influence of Melodic Death Metal and Power Metal .

The combination of musical genres is what makes this album a masterpiece that every Metal fan should listen and enjoy.

For me, this album is much better than their debut album, the former was very good also. The best songs are "Burn with Me" because it is a perfect song between Metal and Pop. "Theory of Everything" and "Electroheart" are clearly songs in Amaranthe style.

In short this album I'm sure will be in my top 5 Metal albums in 2013.

5 / 5 RATING
5 / 5 RATING

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