Arch Enemy – “War Eternal”

Launching a new album with a new vocalist is always dangerous, but Arch Enemy wanted to take that risk.The departure of Angela Gossow was a bad news for all fans, but the replacement was Alissa White-Gluz, ex-singer of The Agonist. A story that calmed me personally because she has shown very good work before.
I thought about doing this review, song by song, but after having played several times I  will write in general. The album begins with a very heavy and fast song but with the clear stamp of melodic death metal. The whole album is an incredible journey where musicians  of Arch Enemy shows their quality and amazing skills and  also Alissa makes Angela a little less puzzled.
In conclusion "Eternal War" is an album worthy of the genre with incredible songs like "You Will Know My Name""Time Is Black" and "Eternal War" among others. But the most salient point for me is that Alissa has entered the band. With she I see a bright future for Arch Enemy.
4.5 / 5 RATING
4.5 / 5 RATING

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