Best Metal Songs of The Year (1980-2020)

1980 Ozzy Osbourne "Crazy Train"
Black Sabbath "Heaven and Hell"
1981 Iron Maiden "Wrathchild"
Black Sabbath "The Mob Rules"
1982 Iron Maiden "Hallowed Be Thy Name"
Judas Priest "BloodStone"
1983 Dio "Holy Diver"
Metallica "The Four Horsemen"
1984 Metallica "Creeping Death"
Iron Maiden "Aces High"
1985 Anthrax "Madhouse"
Helloween  "Walls of Jericho / Ride the Sky"
1986 Metallica "Battery"
Slayer  "Angel of Death"
1987 Helloween "Halloween"
King Diamond "Abigail"
1988 Metallica "One"
Helloween "Eagle Fly Free"
1989 Blind Guardian "Valhalla"
Exodus "The Toxic Waltz"
1990 Pantera "Cemetery Gates"
Judas Priest  "Painkiller"
1991 Metallica "The Unforgiven"
Helloween "Kids of the Century"
1992 Dream Theater "Metropolis—Part I: 'The Miracle and the Sleeper' "
Manowar "The Power of Thy Sword"
1993 Death "The Philosopher"
Angra "Carry On"
1994 Overkill  "They Eat Their Young"
Helloween "Sole Survivor"
1995 Gamma Ray  "Man on a Mission"
Death  "Crystal Mountain
1996 Helloween "Power"
In Flames "Artefacts of the Black rain"
1997 Stratovarius "Black Diamond"
In Flames  "Jotun"
1998 Rhapsody "Emerald Sword"
Opeth "Demon of the Fall"
1999 Sonata Arctica "8th Commandment"
Lacuna Coil "My Wings"
2000 In Flames  "Clayman"
Rhapsody  "Holy Thunderforce"
2001 Sonata Arctica "Wolf & Raven"
Avantasia "Sign of the Cross"
2002 Avantasia "Seven Angels"
Blind Guardian "And Then There Was Silence"
2003 Stratovarius "Eagleheart"
Dimmu Borgir "Progenies of the Great Apocalypse"
2004 Edguy "Mysteria"
Nightwish "Wish Had an Angel"
2005 Dragonforce "Through the Fire and Flames"
Opeth"Ghost of Perdition"
2006 Mastodon "Colony of Birchmen"
Mercenary "Redefine Me"
2007 Between the Buried and Me  "Informal Gluttony"
Iced Earth "Something Wicked, Part 1"
2008 Sabaton "Ghost Division
Avantasia  "Shelter from the Rain"
2009 Cain's Offering "My Queen of Winter"
Lacuna Coil "Spellbound"
2010 Helloween "Are You Metal?"
Blind Guardian "Tanelorn (Into the Void)"
2011 Ancient Bards "To the Master of Darkness"
Amaranthe  "Amaranthine"
2012 Kamelot "Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife)"
Gojira  "L'Enfant Sauvage"
2013 Black Sabbath  "God Is Dead?"
Amaranthe "Burn with Me"
2014 Within Temptation "Paradise (What About Us?)"
Insomnium "While We Sleep"
2015 Nightwish "The Greatest Show on Earth"
Iron Maiden "If Eternity Should Fail"
2016 Metallica "Spit out the Bone"
Gojira "Silvera"
2017 Helloween "Pumpkins United"
Trivium "The Sin and the Sentence"
2018 Amorphis "The Bee"
Judas Priest "Firepower"


2019 Devin Townsend "Genesis"
Jinjer “Judgement (& Punishment)”
2020 Code Orange “Swallowing the Rabbit Whole”
Unleash the Archers "Abyss"

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