Bring Me the Horizon – AMO

A few months ago we met the first single "Mantra" from this album "Amo". It is a powerful and spectacular song, which combines excellent riffs and a perfect chorus to sing it.

From there the band continued releasing singles that generated much controversy by the direction that the band was leaving behind the heavy sounds and focused on a pop rock sound.

After listening to this album, the first thing that comes to my mind is:"Musical Evolution" Is it the right one? I do not know, but it has very good elements and it reminds me of the few "Pop" albums that I like. The question is how a band changes from "Metalcore" into pop, dance, and electronic music? Who the fuck knows!

Personally I think that it is without doubt not an album of "Metal” and less of Metalcore, but it is a record well done with a modern sound, that combines perfectly elements of Rock, Pop and electronic tunes.

To conclude, if you’re open to electronic music and pop as well as rock and metal, you’ll most likely like “Amo”. This type of people are those who applaud the "musical evolution" and I am one of them and I think Bring Me the Horizon did a great job.

In my opinion, I think that “Mantra”, “Wonderful Life” and the love song “Mother Tongue” are some of the best Bring Me the Horizonsongs ever.

4 / 5 RATING
4 / 5 RATING

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