Brothers of Metal – “Emblas Saga”

“Emblas Saga” is the band's second album after their hit debut album "Prophecy of Ragnarök".

The band is from Sweden and plays Power Metal with themes about things related to Norse Mythology and Metal.

Nothing more and nothing less than eight musicians is the line- up the band, the 3 singers: Ylva Eriksson, Joakim Lindbäck Eriksson, and Mats Nilsson with which they get a great variety of vocal ranges, and three guitarists, a bass player and drums.

The album begins with "Brood of The Trickster", a short song as an introduction. Then comes "Powersnake" that starts with a good guitar riff and atmospheric choirs, to lead to a catchy chorus and with the right use of the two main vocals.  The album starts in a great way and reminds you of the quality of the previous album.

"Hel”, without doubt a great theme, powerful and very melodic with great orchestral tune.

"Chain Breaker" is a well-executed song in the Brothers of Metal style. It would sound great at a gig.

"Kaunaz Dagaz (Dawn of Fire)" is a song with folk style with symphonic touches and a great guitar solo.

"Theft Of The Hammer" is a power metal theme, with full guitars and a successful orchestral component in its background that leads to another of the many star choruses of the album. Being so Epic, and with beautiful female choirs.

"Weaver Of Fate" is an acoustic and folk song that highlights Ylva's beautiful voice, and in which we can also hear Joakim's powerful voice. A great ballad and a great duet.

"Njord" was the first single from the album and I really like the combination that the band makes with folk and power metal in this song. Ps: I love the song music video.

"Emblas Saga" is the longest track on the album and the one that gives its name to the album. The three voices alternate to make a prefect hymn. The song is more than seven minutes long and every second sprouts the style that this band wants to leave us.

“Brothers Unite” has a more Power Metal sensation than the others with a sound very similar to Manowar.

"One" has beautiful choirs in the background that accompany the voice of Joakim in this case more existing. Also, the band released the video for this song. It is a good single.

"Ride of The Valkyries" has a totally power metal chorus, something that makes it a fast and special song.  I feel that the album is very good but it just leaves you wanting more, especially on this track. Something is missing out.  I don't know what, but I hope to find out by listening to it more times.

"To The Skies And Beyond" has folk metal guitars that are the ideal background for the leading voices to tell us the legends and sagas of northern Europe. The tempo is slower than most other songs on the album. It is a good ending.

In conclusion in “Emblas Saga” you will find joyful songs, epic songs, dark songs, emotional songs, and ballads.

It is a great second album, but I still feel that the one they debuted is superior. However, this work is for lovers of power metal, symphonic metal and folk metal.  The DNA of Brother of Metal is that and I`m sure  metal fans ill like it very much.

I hope that 2020 will bring us albums like this, it is perfect to start a new decade with a good power metal.

Ps: Ylva Eriksson is becoming one of my favorite vocalists. I love her voice. I hope to see Brothers of Metal in concert soon.


4 / 5 RATING
4 / 5 RATING

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