Dawn of Eternity – “The Ghost I Am”

Dawn of Eternity Is a Gothic/Melodic Death Metal band from Germany formed in the late 2012 by the singer Sara Seubert and the guitarist Johannes Kittel.

“The Ghost I am” It is the second album of the band where there are 51 minutes of a well-executed and high quality music.

The record contains 11 songs where the duet of the female vocalist and the growls of Johannes Kittel creates a perfect atmosphere of melodic death metal with gothic traces.

What I liked most of this last work of these Germans is that despite having many influences of various sub-genres of metal, they do not lose their essence. What they do is enhance it with modern sounds without being sounds of Metal or Rock.

They are not afraid to innovate and that is something that is needed a lot today in the world of music.

After listening to the album several times, it feels a satisfaction to discover a new band with such quality. Secondly, Sara's voice is a delight with melodic melodies, heavy and even progressive tunes.

In conclusion it is a great album with a common sound within the bands with female voices, but what stands out is the modern touches and the impeccable duet of the two voices.

Of the 11, the song that I liked the most was "Lost Battle" because of its slow start, which through the seconds increases, turns slow again and falls with the powerful chorus.

The single "Mirror" is a correct song with a great music video.

Another of the songs that stand out most are: "Blinded", "Time You Waste" and the one that takes the name of the record.

4 / 5 RATING
4 / 5 RATING

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