Desnudos En Coma (Naked In Coma) – “B.I.R.D.S”

Desnudos En Coma (Naked In Coma) is an alternative rock band from Cali, Colombia. Mainly classic Rock sounds mixed with Metal, but also with a highly influence of Post-Hardcore.

“B.I.R.D.S” is their third release after a Self-tilted EP and the full length album "Globes & Science".

“B.I.R.D.S” is an album intended for lovers of Rock & Metal, the band makes a very interesting mix of Classic Rock, Post-Hardcore and Nu Metal. (Alternative Rock).

In this record, Desnudos En Coma remains true to their influences and "The Architect" being the song that opens the album, is a testimony of the mix of Rock, Post-Hardcore and Nu Metal. The two voices are really powerful and with a heartbreaking tone, which are perfect for this genre. It is an amazing song with great verses.

"Dance with a Ghost" is another great example of heavy verses and a catchy chorus, perfect illustration of Post-Hardcore music style. The song has a guitar riff that sounds like Jack White or The Black Keys but influenced by Heavy Metal. In this song the bass player proves his remarkable skills and makes the song the best one on the EP.

"Wolves in the Hall" is an instrumental song, where the band shows their musical potential as a group and individually. The song features Rock N 'Roll and Blues style on every note, but without leaving the essence of Alternative Rock.

"Birds" is the album's last song. It's a ballad with piano and voice mainly, with a very interesting guitar solo at the end. It's a perfect song of a great EP full of high energy and a ballad gives the perfect ending of great record.

In conclusion "B.I.R.D.S" is an excellent album that every Rock/Metal fan will love and sing along.

4.5 / 5 RATING
4.5 / 5 RATING

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