Dirty Tongue – Dirty Tongue EP

Dirty Tongue is a Rock Band from Boston, Massachusetts formed in 2010 by guitarist Miguel Arroyo and drummer Adolfo Torres during their time attending Berklee College of Music.

Dirty Tongue released an EP which contains 3 original songs and a cover of Black Sabbath.

The first song is "Son Of A King" where the band shows their strength and management of the the many influences of Progressive Metal, Classic Rock and Mainstream Metal in song. In this track both musicians they demonstrate all their quality’s obtained at Berklee College of Music

The second track is "Stillness" is a soft and short song, but it makes a perfect trance with the previous and following song.

"Planet With A Ring" for me is the best song on the EP because it has some amazing riffs and solos with a catchy chorus. It is the track that has the most marked influence of The Mars Voltawithout being copied and a Dirty Tongue own sound.

The last song is "War Pigs" a Black Sabbath cover. Dirty Tongue makes the cover with the immense respect they have for this legendary band because it is not very far from the original but with updated details due to the present.

In conclusion, the EP has elements of traditional Metal and Rock with some more current stuff, which makes this album very entertaining to listen to and  to appreciate the art of these great musicians

4 / 5 RATING
4 / 5 RATING

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