Edguy – Space Police: Defenders of the Crown

Great has been the anticipation surrounding this new work of Edguy, especially when the latest releases of the band have been like a little bad comparing the best albums of the band. Obviously every previous album has one or two great songs, because they have one of the best vocalists in the Metal scene.

The first song "Sabre & Torch" is heavy and very fast, worthy of the genre of Power Metal and it sounds pretty good with Tobias singing very high and this song is perfect to start the album and probably be a song to start a concert.

"Space Police" a more commercial theme and it's very catchy, with a simple keyboard melody that makes it an interesting song.

“Defenders Of The Crown " is another classic song from the band, with great speed and very repetitive chorus that makes a song more on the side of Pop Metal or commercial.

"Love Tyger", the hilarious new single is more Hard Rock to Power Metal. But it is still one of the best songs on the album because it is difficult to get it out of mind. Also if you see the great video of the song, you will like it more.

"The Realms of Baba Yaga", with lyrics based on a popular and macabre witch of Russian folklore, is the hardest of the disc, with a main riff that remind how good is Edguy.

"Rock Me Amadeus" is the cover of the Austrian singer Falco. Honestly it is a leftover song on the album. It is the most weak point I've heard of Tobias Sammet.

"Do Me Like A Caveman", which seems an attempt to repeat the successful formula used in previous albums but without success and with a chorus that fails to fit with the rest of the theme.

"Shadow Eaters" reminds me of the beginnings of the band and is the best fit within the German power metal label and could be one of the highest points of the album.

The last two songs have some very interesting parts, but I think they don’t fit in  a album of Edguy, because are more symphonic .

In conclusion Space Police - Defenders of the Crown is the better album that I listen to Edguy from the "Rocket Ride" without being as good as this or antecessors. Therefore it is a good album, with very high points but accompanied by some giant mistake.

4 / 5 RATING
4 / 5 RATING

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