10 Highly Recommended Bands! (February 2019)

69 Chambers

69 Chambers is an Alternative Rock band formed in Zurich, Switzerland in 2001.
Black Viper
Black Viper is an Speed/Power Metal  band formed in Norway in 2012.
Dire Peril
Dire Peril is an US Power Metal band made of members of Hellion Prime and Judicator.
Divine Ascension
Divine Ascension is an Progressive/Power Metal  band formed in Australia in 2007.
Levinia is a Melodic Metal band formed in Los Angeles, United States.
Soen is a Swedish Progressive Metal supergroup consisting of members of ex member of Opeth and other extreme metal bands.
Snot was an American Nu Metal band from Santa Barbara, California. Formed in 1995, the band released their only studio album "Get Some" with founding vocalist Lynn Strait in 1997 and disbanded after his death in 1998. Apparently they reunited in 2014 with a new vocalist but they have not released anything new.
The Wolf HunterZ
The Wolf HunterZ is a Nu Metal band formed in United States.
Vandor is a Swedish Power Metal band formed in 2015.
Vhäldemar is a  Power Metal band formed in 1999 in Spain.

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