Glasya – “Heaven’s Demise”

Glasya, a Symphonic Metal band from Portugal formed in 2017.

"Heaven's Demise" is their debut album of the band released on July 12, 2019 via Joy Music

Ten songs for almost an hour of music. A great journey of excellent symphonic Metal.

The first song of the album, it has the same name as the record. The song starts with a good riff, string arrangements, choirs and all the expected stuff of a band of the symphonic genre. The soprano Eduarda Soeiro catches us with her excellent voice and great technique. I applaud the band's decision to choose this song as a single because it shows all the power of the band in 5 minutes.

Ignis Sanctus ", is a usual standard song of the genre, with a great guitar solo. Then follows "Coronation Of A Beggar" seems to be a more mainstream song but without losing the essence of the band.

The fourth song names the band itself. "Glasya" it has the classic alternance of female and male voices. Very well handled and synchronized.

Eternal Winter "begins with an epic sound and introduces a beautiful guitar solo and a brilliant orchestral part. In this the vocal alternation returns but with a guttural voice.

"Birth of an Angel" is the power ballad of the album where Eduarda Soeiro shows all her vocal range. One of the best of the album.

The final 3 songs are the end of an incredible journey of Symphonic Metal. Where these Portuguese seem to have been working for many years.

In conclusion for a debut album, Heaven’s Demise exceeds the expectations and repeatedly surprises you with each track.

With this album, I'm very excited about this band and if they continue on this path, they will be one of the most important Symphonic Metal bands.

4.5 / 5 RATING
4.5 / 5 RATING

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