HammerFall & Timo Tolki in Cali, Colombia – 2019

Date: 01/09/2019

Place: Teatro Jorge Isaacs

City: Cali, Colombia 

Tour: Dominion

Hammerfall recently released his new album "Dominion" and the tour is from that album. For the tour of Colombia, the great Timo Tolkki (Ex Stratovarius) was in charge of opening the show.

Timo Tolkki came to play the Stratovarius classics and it was incredible to see him, he is an incredible guitarist and brilliant composer.

He was accompanied by Colombian musicians. Among them the Metal youtuber, Paulo Cuevas who sang really well.

The Setlist was great, he played songs like "Forever", “Eagleheart", "Black Diamond", "Paradise”, “Father Time” and more!
Although I am a big fan of Stratovarius, I would have liked Timo to play some songs from his other projects.

Afterwards, Hammerfall started their show with the song "Never Forgive, Never Forget" which is also the one that starts their new album "Dominion". With this one already knew how incredible the concert was going to be.

These Swedes show all their quality by singing new and classic songs. Since I started listening to this band, I knew that their concert would be great, because their songs are made for shows and for the public.
Each member of the band contributes a lot to the show, but Joacim Cans is a great front-man with a spectacular voice and guitarist Oscar Dronjak is impressive on stage. A super showman with a hammer guitar.

The setlist was very good, with great songs like "Renegade", "The Dragon Lies Bleeding", "Last Man standing", "Hammer High" and the spectacular closing with "Hearts on Fire".

The concert was amazing, the sound, punctuality and quality of the bands made it fucking great. I think the only problem was the lack of assistance from the people of Cali.

Fragment of "Paradise" by Timo Tolkki

Fragment of "Forever" by Timo Tolkki

Fragment of "Last Man Standing" by Hammerfall

Fragment of "Hammer High" by Hammerfall

5 / 5 RATING
5 / 5 RATING

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