Black Sabbath -13

To be completely honest, Black Sabbath has never been of my favorite bands. Obviously they have amazing songs like Heaven & Hell with Dio as vocalist or Iron Man with Ozzy.

But this new album has made me want to hear more Black Sabbath. The Tony Iommi's guitar riffs are incredible and makes me see that thanks to him and the band, there is Heavy Metal.

Therefore, I can say that "13" is an incredible album, which takes the classic style of Heavy Metal and manages to get new fans to hear how great he is Black Sabbath. That includes me.

Below the best songs on the album in my opinion.

The album begins with "End of The Beginning" which has a very classic sound of Black Sabbath, where Ozzy is singing excellent. For my taste this is one of the best songs on the album.

"God Is Dead?" is the song chosen to make the video to get to the commercial world. The first time I heard the  song I found it good, but with the video it made me hallucinate because of the amazing riffs and a chorus that questions the existence of God.

"Live Forever" for me has the best choir in the whole album with heavy verses that make the song one of the heavy metal masterpiece in the world of Pop culture.

4 / 5 RATING
4 / 5 RATING

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