Hellowen & Gamma Ray in Bogotá, Colombia

Having the opportunity to see two of the most important and influential bands of Power Metalof all time, was a real privilege for me and all the Colombian fans.

For me this was the third time I see Helloween in a concert and for the second time one ofGamma Ray. But seeing those two on stage and sharing their songs are something I'll never forget. Just watching Kai Hansen of Gamma Ray performing his songs he sang in the past withHelloween, was incredible.

The show opened with Gamma Ray "Anywhere in the Galaxy", a song that got us all attendees to enjoy a true show of Power Metal or Heavy Metal. This German group walked us through their new and old songs and surprised the audience playing the classic "Rebellion in Dreamland". Also they played "Future World" recorded and written by Kai Hasen in Helloween.

In conclusion Gamma Ray's show was short, but very powerful and they showed all their musical quality and in which I highlight Kai Hasen, because definitely he is the father of this genre.

After Helloween began the show with "Eagle Fly Free", followed by two songs from the last album in which the audience watched and listened to how great this band is.

Helloween also walked us through old and new songs and especially in one of the new songs "Live Now”, Andi DerisHelloween vocalist shows his skills as a show man and makes us play a game with the chorus of the song that freaked us all.

I must emphasize that playing songs like "Power" and "Where the rain grows" which I like a lot of Andi Deris era was amazing. What hit me most was the amazing medley of "Halloween / How Many Tears / Heavy metal is the Law with Kai Hansen and the grand finale with "I Want Out".

To close, I think the concert was full of energy and a lot of history with two of the most important groups of Power Metal. Besides seeing Kai Hansen with Helloween is priceless.

5 / 5 RATING
5 / 5 RATING

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