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Incura is a Canadian theatrical Hard Rock band. Their musical style is a unique mix of Hard Rock, Progressive and Heavy Metal, with high vocals.

Reading the story and several reviews for the band, one comes to scare it's a bad mix of genres. But on the first song “Get The Gun”, it’s like getting a shot of adrenaline and proves that the mix of genres really works and makes the band unique.

The album takes us through a journey full of great guitar riff with many nuances of the voice of Kyle Gruninger passing very high notes and unimaginable screams.

“Who You Are” is the most Theatrical songs of all and the first song I heard of Incura. The falsetto trick used by Gruninger was the first thing that catches me to listen the whole album.  The song has things of Queen and Metal Opera Stuff.

In that song the band shows their versatility because you can find in 4.08 Minutes all the mix of genres that Incura are.

“Turning Blue” and “Here To Blame” are the heaviest songs and Metalcore style with angry riffs and vocals.

The music of Incura cannot be categorized because they are unique but to locate you a little, they have something of Coheed & Cambria and a very improved version of 30 Seconds To Mars.

In conclusion incurable Self-Titled Album is incredible that includes many genres and sounds spectacular. All those who are lovers of Alternative Rock, Heavy Metal and Progressive have to listen to this album immediately.

Best Songs: “Who You Are”, “Get The Gun” and “The Greatest Con”

5 / 5 RATING
5 / 5 RATING

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