La-Ventura – 2.0

La-Ventura are back with their new EP entitled '2.0' featuring 4 brand new tracks. I'm very happy to write another review of this excellent band from Netherlands.

The first song "Carry On" is full of melodies and harmonies that catch it from the beginning. Carla`s vocal are perfect for melody and thats what represente a great Female Fronted Melodic Metal band.

“As I Lay Dying” is the single of the EP, it has great music video. I think that this song proves the amazing skill of the band. Its a total masterpiece song, becauce it sond comercial but never leaves the idea of Metal.

“Brave Man” is a heavier song with mordern metal guitar riffs  that combines with a great melody in the chorus.

“The Great Escape” is a perfect song to close a great EP. In this 4 tracks i see that they evolved in their sound but without leaving the La-Ventura essence.

4.5 / 5 RATING
4.5 / 5 RATING

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