Nightwish – “Human. :II: Nature.”

“Human.: II: Nature” is the ninth album by Finnish symphonic power metal band Nightwish via Nuclear Blast.

Following the departure of original drummer Jukka Nevalainen the previous year, it will be the first album to feature Kai Hahto as official band member, although he had already acted as Nevalainen's replacement on the band's previous album, Endless Forms Most Beautiful.

Tuomas Holopainen, keyboardist, composer and mastermind behind this symphonic band, created a new set of songs that will make up Nightwish's most ambitious album to date, as it is a conceptual work that will be liked more over time.

The New record It is truly a piece created for true fans, this album is not a hit record for mainstream fans, each song is a play telling its own story. A total concept album well written but difficult to digest.

Saying this, it does not mean that it is a bad album, on the contrary, it is an eccentric work that I like more every time I listen to it.

When the albums are long and full of ups and downs it's better to just mention what I like best.

"Music" has a long intro that gives way to a captivating and fascinating Floor Jansen. The atmospheres are warm and the song is developed until the beloved Metal finally makes its appearance and gives us a more rocker and explosive song at the end.

"Noise” the 1st single of the record is perhaps one of the catchiest songs on the album. It has a great riff, that feels very cinematic, and yet has a typical NIGHTWISH vibe. The Music video is amazing.

"Shoemaker", an epic folk tune. The melody is cut, irregular and almost progressive. The thing gets heavy on the middle of the song and riffs and orchestrations appear in a great way.

"Pan" in this song we find heavy melodies and amazing riffs by Emppu Vuorinen. This great guitarist sounds impressive while Floor is confident and a warrior in a song clearly marked by the guitar, relegating the leading role of the orchestration. It is perhaps one of the heaviest songs on the album.

"Endlessness," is another high point of the album, mainly because Marko Hietala's voice finally appears. I personally think that it is a big mistake that Troy Donockley has more prominence than Marko. From this song I love the doom metal sound that it has and it is a good theme to close the album.

For me the album should end there with "Endlessness". The second disc comes with "All the Works of Nature Which Adorn the World" a completely instrumental work. In fact, it is a huge composition that would work in another context and not on an album by a Symphonic Metal band. It is a personal opinion.

Of course, there are moments to highlight: "Noise", "Shoemaker", "Pan" and "Music" are great songs by Nightwish, but if we evaluate this work as a whole, as a double album of more than 80 minutes, we find big gaps, irreplaceable absences and decisions that I don't understand.

Time will tell if the risk they took will make this album big. Anything can happen, every time I listen to it I digest it better. That is something that has a concept album, an opportunity to grow in everyone's head and enjoy it in different ways.

My rating for this album is 4/5 because every time I listen to it I like it more and it makes the complex of the album enjoyable and every time I discover something new sound and orchestration.

Who knows, in the near future I could say that I love the song on disc 2, for now I keep it as a work of art, but it is not for a Nightwish album in my personal opinion.


4 / 5 RATING
4 / 5 RATING

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