Sabaton – “The Great War”

"The Great War" is the band's ninth album released on July 19, 2019 via Nuclear Blast Records.

The sound of the band in this album and in the way of creating their songs is a bit different. Of course, all the classic elements of the band are still there. However, the change of producer has suited them remarkably. The Guitars and keyboards are perfectly solid and synchronize.

"The Great War" is a conceptual disc about the First World War.

The first song "The Future of Warfare" is a slowish song but without being a ballad. It is characterized by its melodic patterns and a powerful chorus. The theme of the song is about the appearance of the tank as a war weapon.

"Seven Pillar of Wisdom" is a very heavy, dynamic theme, very much in Sabaton's classic stuff, but at the same time catchy and well written. The song is about the experience of Lawrence of Arabia in the war against Turks and Germans.

“82nd All The Way.” has those really catchy choruses. The sound of guitars supported by keyboards and the melodic lines of voice perfectly well executed.

“The Attack of the Dead Men” it has the difference of the others in that in the sound it is a more modern touch, because they experiment with electronic elements. The theme of the song is about mustard gas on the battlefield.

"Devil Dogs" is a clear example of what Sabaton is, a very good song that begins with the chorus.

“The Great War" is one of those perfect songs to sing at a concert. A song with more Hard Rock sound but without losing the presence of power metal.

"A Ghost in the Trenches" is another classic, powerful theme, with marked riffs and a very melodic line on the bridge and another chorus where the voices dubbed by Joakim himself are great. The theme of the song is dedicated to the figure of the sniper.

"Fields of Verdun" was the first single from the record. It is an epic song, with a historic videoclip in which the bloodiest battle of the First World War is narrated.

"The End of the World to End all Wars" sounds a bit more like symphonic metal in Sabaton style. It is an epic melody, without a distinct structure, where in more than five minutes they develop a summary of the war and its consequences.

The album ends with "In Flanders Fields" that closes a war story.

In conclusion this last album of these Swedes is a masterpiece in my opinion. What can be better to teach us history of wars with music and more if it is heavy metal? This is something that the band has been doing since its inception, but in this work they did it in a great way.

All Sabaton fans, and all heavy/power metal fans out there must check this album and learn stuff while listening to Metal.

5 / 5 RATING
5 / 5 RATING

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