Surma – “The Light Within”

Surma is a Symphonic Metal band. “The Light Within” is their debut album. 

This is the side project of Heri Joensen (TYR) with Viktorie Surmova from the BOHEMIAN METAL RHAPSODY band.  

The album consist of 13 songs where you can hear an incredible synergy between the leaders of the project. The symphonic metal they play has its particularity, since they have a power and progressive sound, accompanied by the incredible voice of Viktorie Surmova. 

The highest points of this album for me are mainly: 

“Desire”, an incredible ballad, where Viktorie shines and shows all her splendor as a vocalist. 

“Reveal the Light Within”, is a clear example of a great song of the genre well worked and composed. 

Lost to Time”, without demeaning the others, this is the best song on the record, for me as a fan of power metal and symphonic metal, here Surma achieved a song masterpiece perfectly mixing both sub-genres. 

In conclusion, every Metal fan in general will enjoy a great symphonic metal album. We always like the sound of a good guitar riffs and a beautiful female voice. Surma has both and an incredible future.


4 / 5 RATING
4 / 5 RATING

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