10 Highly Recommended Bands of December 2019

Esperfall is a symphonic metal band formed in  2016 in Budapest, Hungary. They have released two very good quality EP`s.
Imminence are a post-hardcore and metalcore band from Trelleborg, Sweden who formed in 2010.
Magistarium are a Symphonic Power Metal from Germany formed in 2005.
NEVARIA are a Symphonic Metal band from Germany. Their debut album "Finally Free" is outstanding
Omnerod is a Progressive Death Metal band from Belgium. To date they have released two incredible albums.
Palaye Royale
Palaye Royale is a Canadian rock band originally formed in Toronto, now based in Las Vegas. The brothers formed their band in 2008 under the name Kropp Circle, later changing their name to Palaye Royale in the summer of 2011.
Scarlet Desire
Scarlet Desire is a Finnish-Greek symphonic metal band. It was founded by Esa Mikkola and Danae Komodromou in 2014.
Shallow Side
Shallow Side is a rock group from USA.  To date they have released 2 albums that have led them to tour with bands like Saliva and Puddle of Mudd.
Smoulder is  Epic Doom Power Metal band from Canada formed in 2013.
Toliman is Progressive Metal band from Northern Italy.

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