This Is Timo Tolkki!

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Timo Tolkki (born 3 March 1966) is a Finnish musician best known as the former guitarist, songwriter and producer of the power metal band Stratovarius. After leaving Stratovarius he formed two supergroups named Revolution Renaissance and Symfonia, both split sadly.

In 2013 he presented his Metal Opera, Timo Tolkki's Avalon. To date he has released 3 albums of very good quality. In each one they have important musicians invited of the Metal scene like Michael Kiske, Elize Ryd, Floor Jansen and many more.

In the playlist you will find songs of Stratovarius, Symfonia, Revolution Renaissance, Timo Tolkki's Avalon , Chaos Magic and some of his solo albums

(Sadly the album "Hymn to Life" is not in spotify. It has several songs that deserve to be in the playlist).

The playlist contains 75 songs that Timo plays the guitar, some he sings and others is just a luxury guest.

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