Top 30 The Best Female Vocalist in Metal!

For this poll, I chose my favorite best 50 Female singers in Metal.

After 9633 votes from all over the world, these were the 30 most voted out 50 nominees.

30 Ida Haukland 95
29 Anette Olzon 102
28 Zora Cock 106
27 Liv Kristine 112
26 Clémentine Delauney 113
25 Jennie-Ann Smith 120
24 Anna Murphy 121
23 Giada "Jade" Etro 129
22 Alecia 'Mixi' Demner 129
21 Amanda Somerville 131
20 Mizuho Lin 133
19 Lena Scissorhands 141
18 Linda Toni Grahn 143
17 Angela Gossow 145
16 Sara Squadrani 150
15 Lzzy Hale 197
14 Alissa White-Gluz 207
13 Charlotte Wessels 223
12 Māra Lisenko 249
11 Cristina Scabbia 250
10 Brittney Slayes 257
9 Maria Brink 358
8 Doro Pesch 387
7 Elize Ryd 451
6 Simone Simons 498
5 Sharon Den Adel 584
4 Anneke van Giersbergen 587
3 Tarja Turunen 740
2 Tatiana Shmaylyuk 792
1 Floor Jansen 913

The other remaining 20 nominees were.

Amy Lee Maria Feelament
Cammie Gilbert Mariangela Demurtas
Dianne van Giersbergen Marta Gabriel
Fabienne Erni McKenna Rae
Heidi Parviainen Melissa Bonny
Heike Langhans Noora Louhimo
Jennifer Haben Sabine Edelsbacher
Jessie Williams Sarah Dee
Kobra Paige Vibeke Stene
Lauren Hart Zuberoa Aznárez

55 thoughts on “Top 30 The Best Female Vocalist in Metal!

  1. Mixi all day every day! But no Ash Costello or Margarita Monet, those 2 ladies should have been on this list too.

  2. Māra Lisenko is soooo great! Māra band is awesome! I saw the band live, f*cking awesome! Please vote for her.

  3. I won’t vote for the legendary singers of the genre (Anneke, Tarja, Floor, Simone, Sharon, or Cristina – Liv and Vibeke are missing from your list, btw) because they’re iconic. I will instead vote for Anna Murphy, who’s kind of incredible, and who’s just begun blowing me away. Long live Cellar Darling and their latest release, The Spell.

  4. Amy Lee is the best!!! and before anyone says that “Evanescence is not metal, hur dur”, many of the bands of these singers, there ceased to be metal for a long time, Nightwish for example, is a piece of shit currently

      • How about Fuki from, er, lots of bands. Really though there’s only about 5 on here that make my own fave list but even if you added all the rest it’d make no difference because Dianne is here. Dianne can’t not get my vote I could listen all day. Be nice to at least see Noa Gruman (Scardust) on the list though.

  5. Didn’t know, that there are so many female metal vocalists 🙂

    But where is Marcela Bovio of Ayreon/Stream of Passion ?
    She is in my personal top 3 !

  6. salut , I spaek only french ….sory …pour moi Doro Pesch est la reine du métal !! aucune comparaison possible !! je t’aime doro !!

  7. Noora didn’t even make the top 30?
    What scrapheap corner of the internet did the bunch of morons who cast the votes come from?

  8. Ouch.. Maria Brink near the top, and soprana singers. Doro Pesch should be at the top, followed by Anneke, Angela Gossow and Dawn Crosby. Doro is pretty much the OG female metal vocalist (often dubbed queen of metal), without the talented Anneke there’d possibly be no Floor. Gossow inspired many such as Lauren Hart? From Once Human, when it came to death metal. And the late Dawn Crosby was one hell of a thrash vocalist when there were no other’s in the mid 80’s.

    Seems results will be based more on who younger people are aware of nowadays. But this is all just my opinion.

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