Valcata – “Valcata”

Valcata is a new independent symphonic metal opera featuring eight lead singers (four female and four male).

The album has characters played by singers, but here is something significant, these vocalists are new and some not very well known in the world of metal, which makes this release more distinct from all the metal operas, like Avantasia or Ayreon.

The album was produced online in its entirety and features musicians from around the world and was composed by Oha Cade, who also is one of the singers.

The Story of Valcata is about of a mass extinction of the planet Valcata and the search for salvation in the universe.

The Cast:

Liel Bar-Z (Janissary: A Balkan Rock Opera) — as Coral

Josh Munnell — as Rocket

Zuberoa Aznárez (Diabulus in Musica, Tragul, Dryades) — as Astra

Oha Cade — as Surge

Hadi Kiani (Gereh, The Frame, Farshid Arabi) — as Dr. Hessabi

Angel Wolf-Black (Vivaldi Metal Project, Bare Infinity) — as Dr. Hypatia

Kenneth Èlan (Acoustic Dreams) — as Maximum

Mary Zimmer (Santa Marta, ex-White Empress, ex-Luna Mortis, VoiceHacks creator) - as President Fox

The band will release their debut album titled ‘’Valcata” on October 18, 2019.

For me Valcata, it is a very well executed Symphonic Metal album with heavy instrumental parts, riffs accompanied by great female and male voices.

The sound that the album exhibits goes from classic to progressive metal without losing its symphonic touches.

Being a metal opera, one would think of a power metal album, but Valcata surprises us by another way. It is something a little different, which I like and it seems pertinent.

Each artist had an incredible interpretation, especially the women involved. But I feel that being a distance-recorded album there are things that are lost, which I think everyone in a studio would sound even better.

Being a conceptual album, it is recommended to listen to it from beginning to end, but for me the best songs of the album are "Horror Machine", "3-2-1" "The Termination" and "The Turning". I think these songs sound like everything Valcata wants to show the world.

In conclusion is a heavy sound record with beautiful voices, fast and great melodies and all behind a great space story.

3.5 / 5 RATING
3.5 / 5 RATING

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