Vote For The Best Metal Project with guests!

For this #MetalPoll I have selected 10 amazing Metal projects that feature great guests. From important vocalists of the scene and great musicians.

Of the nominees there are some with more years and albums than others, but I have chosen them for the quality of what they have released and not for the quantity.

Please vote for your favorite!



Vote For The Best Metal Project with guests
Metal Allegiance
Marco Garau's Magic Opera
Marius Danielsen's Legend of Valley Doom
Project Aegis
Timo Tolkki's Avalon

3 thoughts on “Vote For The Best Metal Project with guests!

  1. “The Best Metal Project with guests” – we’ll that’s more or less what Ayreon is about, since the beginning.

  2. Marius Danielsen’s “Legend of Valley Doom” without a doubt. It is a great and captivating storyline. Also, some guest performers I knew but many were new to me thus leading me to even more awesome music.

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